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Absolutely and totally agree with what has been said up there and that’s especially on the last part as of this: however I truly think that it may be something to do with the food that they are giving to them which is actually making them to taste so so good and so, maybe they are not all as good as what I have had. Whichever the case there IS a BIG difference between these fresh eggs and store eggs. The first time when I have had them I realized that the commercial eggs were actually crap. And it does makes sense to me as the commercial eggs don’t actually care about the quality, they are only interested in quantity (as they are making money on the quantity they are selling), while those simple people give their chickens, I guess, normal food, which makes their eggs much better. And I am mentioning the taste because that’s the only difference that we can actually notice, but I am sure that the benefits, nutrients etc. are much more from the fresh eggs as well.
There is no doubt this is true. I am not an expert or anything in this matter, however there’s just my girl’s aunt who is having like 25 or so chickens right now and about 2 weeks ago or so we have visited her. we have tried the eggs from those chickens and it was the same as said here… the difference was amazingly big… I didn’t expected that I would see any difference at all to be honest, but those were amazing eggs and indeed the store eggs are crap. And I also think that it must have something to do with what they are feeding them. They are giving them some kind of organic feed now before they bought that, the chickens were eating quinoa LOL! anyway, these fresh eggs were like ‘organic’ compared to the store eggs which were like ‘plastic’ so to say , LOL.