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I do know what you are saying up there as I am getting all of my eggs from a close friend of mine that is raising chickens free range on flaxseed for feeding them. And since I have started to get them from this friend I just stick with his eggs only as I do know how big of a difference there is between the eggs from his chickens compared to the eggs from the store… I would say that there is like a night and day difference in the taste/ flavor wise compared to those that I was purchasing from the store. And I would expect that the nutrient values are pretty much the same like a night and day difference. And as I have said in my post earlier, I also do the white eggs… and to be honest I am feeling bad tossing the yolks, however they are doing an amazingly good job in destroying my appetite so that’s why I just keep on doing it (although there are oftentimes when I think of stopping it, usually these times are right after I’ve done it LOL ).