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Oh yeah, you are definitely right when you said that fresh eggs are amazingly good. I know as I did have tried them myself. Thanks to a guy out there… we’ve got a guy on my shift (at work) that is having chickens (he’s not that lazy, haha :D) and he is always bringing in a dozen or 2 since he does know that I am lifting and I’m always trying eat clean. So he kind of ‘helps’ by bringing those for me. and I’m really thankful to him for this. you’re right that they are unbelievable and as you, I also recommend others to try them out. from as much as I know, you can find them in markets (I guess) but they are more expensive. Not sure though.
But man… oh my god.. you are drinking 16 oz of egg whites each time before you are lifting?! Arrrgh… ohh… now… man… that’s a true dedication. No doubts that this is super helpful and I guess you know this better than anyone else but that’s just something that not everyone can do, be sure about that… In fact, I can confess that I don’t know if I could do that myself… but good for you that you can and you keep on doing it… that should be really really helpful IMO.