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Well, right now I am eating anywhere between 4 and 6 eggs and that’s since I am currently on a diet which I am trying to religiously keep mind of it. however, as I said, that’s now that I am on a diet. But on those times when I am trying to grow I am typically eating 8 eggs per day, and there are sometimes when it is with cheese added… but there are other times when I do not add it. it depends… I guess on my mood 😀
Also I should say that I am usually drinking like 16 oz of egg whites before I am lifting as well so I guess this should be mentioned here as well. I think this all depends on each goals… if you want to grow eat many, if you want vascularity and be lean eat less and etc. also depending on each person and how they react to them.
Eggs are generally amazingly good for people like us… especially fresh eggs. In fact, I can say that I have got here enough space to buy a few chickens so I ever considered to do so as I would always have eggs and they are fresh eggs and as I said… fresh eggs is something ‘different’! have any of you ever had fresh eggs? I tell you… they are just unbelievably good and nutrient. But the problem I still haven’t done it (and not sure if I would) is that I am lazy… I admit… because I’m like that I just know that I am not going to do that much of work… but if I would ever do it then that’s amazing! anyway I still think that I need to find somebody out there that is raising chickens though… and I suggest you people to try fresh eggs too.