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Guys thank you very much for your responses, I really appreciate. The problem is that I can’t really say very much as I have not gotten it so far and that’s why I am not very sure what the brand is so, obviously, can’t say. It is coming the most common way. as much I think I am going to receive it in next week and as soon as it comes I am going to share the name brand then. Supposedly it is coming in a kit which contains 10 bottles and supposedly each bottle contains like 10 iu and that’s why it means that for $ 850 that I paid I get 100 IU of HGH, therefore that’s $ 8.50 per each IU. I know that it does seems to be quite a high price for it, however, at least I definitely know that I am going to get a legit stuff and that’s the most important for me as I have heard of people paying less (like $ 200 – $ 400) but in the end their stuff was not real/ not working. And so… I was just wondering whether is this price ($ 8.50 per IU) in the range of what people are paying? Thank you in advance.
And BTW, calculating that you are paying $ 250 for 36 IU then you pay $6.94 per IU which means that I still paid a little bit more…