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Well, first of all you need to be more specific here. You said $ 850 for a ‘kit’ and based only on this then the answer could be both yes, it is reasonable, or no it is too expensive that’s because it depends on what exactly is a ‘kit’? I ask this because they are all coming in different forms and shapes and containing different IUs, as low as 20 IU per kit (not sure if there are less than that) and as much as 200-300 IU per kit (again, not sure if there are more than that), whichever the case, as you can see, the dosages (IUs per kit) can vary a lot, obviously, the prices vary a lot depending on it as well.
That’s why, please consider mentioning what’s containing a ‘kit’ and also what’s the brand of the HGH you’re looking into… like for example, I am getting mine 36 IU Genotropin for $ 250. But on the other hand there is Official Hygetropin (I am not very sure if it’s considered pharm but I personally trust only the US pharma grade) reseller is having them for $ 280 for 100 IU. And so, then again, it very much depends on the brand and on the IU quantity per kit. Hopefully this will be of some help for you.