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Oh well… that’s an amazing post I would say. That’s another very well written and definitely educating response which is why I am very thankful to you for taking your time writing it for me and other people who need same answers as I do. But I should say that even though I really appreciate your post very much, it simply has me even more confused…
So those people who just swear by it… if it DOES really work to absolutely any noticeable extent for them… must be because of an initial lack of growth hormone or maybe a glitch in their pituitary gland system function which has been unknowingly ‘corrected’ by the proper supplementation of the IGF 1 LR3?! After all the research I have done and after reading all your post this is the only ‘logical’ conclusion that I have got. If they do work for you then it either means you had / have lack of GH or there’s something wrong with your pituitary gland. Given the fact that you are absolutely healthy then it simply doesn’t work and doesn’t give you any effects. this sounds logical because it also explains why there are people swearing so much that it did helped them so so much whilst there are others who said that they haven’t gotten any effects at all, even if both these people took the same stuff. I just cannot see how otherwise someone can get so much help whilst others not feeling anything at all.
Oh my… that’s so confusing… man, to be honest… in all of those hours that I have spent in attempt of finding answers and researching about this, I can say with certitude that I’ve never come across a subject to have such conflicting answers and opinions. That’s just crazy to me as it does seem to be really approximately 50 to 50 and with completely different answers. And to be honest, with all of this said, this is not really good enough for me to use it, and that’s even if this stuff has been given to me for free as I don’t want to screw up my body with something even if that’s stuff is ‘free’. That’s madness.
Is there anyone else out there that is having some actual experience dosing with this stuff themselves and maybe would chime in with their experiences/ opinions etc? please? The reason why I want some people with their own experience to chime in is that it does seems to me as the users are those people (at least most) that swear that it does works, in the time that those who have only done some research about it (at least most) swear that it is useless… that is why, I am really interested now in seeing what would an experienced user say about this? do you think that it is actually useless or you think that it will work? Thanks again for everything and thanks in advance for other people’s ideas.