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I’m really sorry to tell you this but you are wrong on that last part you said up there:
*And so, from as much as I can see, the answer to what I have asked up there does seem to be ‘yes’, at least based on the information that has been provided up there by you people and some other researches that I have done myself in the meantime. Doing my research I have came along a very compelling video from an endocrinologist/ north American champion, bodybuilding champion… and this man is cycling the IGF 1 LR 3 religiously and swears by the muscle recovery/ permanent new lean mass generation properties. So, in the end, I pretty much found the answer to my questions and I seemingly found the good product. Now I just gotta learn to use it properly for my goals.*
And I’m very sorry to tell you that in fact, your answer is NO! I don’t want to discourage you or anything in this matter, however you should know that it is not actually going to help you with healing an injury nor it is a potent mass builder… I’m sorry ‘bout this.
Although there are those observations of an effect of GH and IGF 1 on protein synthesis, the fact remains that the gains in the muscle mass are not, in fact, being observed in healthy subjects after long term GH administration and so, any benefits are being very unlikely to happen due to muscle mass gains.
In the GH plus exercise groups, circulating IGF 1 levels as well as fat free mass were consistently increased in comparison to the placebo groups. Therefore, it is quite possible to extrapolate that increasing circulating IGF 1 would also be without the consequence for muscle mass in the healthy humans. you should know that the administration of the IGF 1 is acutely activating the muscle protein synthesis (you can find more in Fryburg 1995 online), but similarly to the GH a 1 year administration has not resulted in increased lean body mass (more information in Friedlander 2001). So, the effects of the GH on fat free mass may be because of the water retention, which it is being a very known side effects of the growth hormone administration, or to an increase in the soft tissue because of the stimulatory effects of the GH on the collagen synthesis.
Very well, to make a conclusion about it all… the normal GH/ IGF 1 function really does have a role in the development as well as the maintenance of the muscle mass, as it is being shown from the evidence in the GH deficient patients, burn patients, in the hypophysectomized animals as well as animal models in which the GH receptor as well as IGF IR activity are both showing lacks. But in the same time you need to remember that the IGF 1 or/ and growth hormone administration are having, so far, no proven benefits for the muscle mass in the healthy people in which the growth hormone function is normally working. There are those animal researches, however in most of those animal studies in which the GH is being administered… the GH is given to those animals that are still growing and hence, this may work as a confusion of the results in comparison to the administration in fully grown animals which might very well show different results. In addition to that there’s something very important. although we might seem to be pretty similar, the species differences between rodents and humans in the functioning of the GH/ IGF 1 axis should be taken in consideration here which I think that this may leave quite a big gap. The studies with transgenic and knockout animals are also being complicated because of the fact that the embryonic development of the tissue can be affected and therefore, this thing might have different consequences to altering gene expression as soon as the animal has fully reached its maturity state. As you can see, there are a lot of things that should be taken into account. Many of which have still not been proved nowadays or proved that your beliefs are wrong… I’m just trying to make you understand that you shouldn’t have big expectations and then end up with nothing. I also suggest to go on that site ncbi and instead of PubMed search in PMC for : *Regulation of muscle mass by growth hormone and IGF-I* and read the article as you might find it helpful. All the best