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Thank you very and very much, I appreciate your words very and very much. And your post does seem to be helpful… in fact that I should say that this was a quality, fact based response which I personally found it to be extremely helpful unlike other responses I have been given.
I’ve gotta mention here that the IGF 1 LR3 that I have been given is pharma grade one. It is surely not a cheap stuff as it is pharma grade and given to me from a good friend of mine who is working for a Canadian pharmaceutical company which is also manufacturing these stuff (peptides and so on) for use in a laboratory/ testing environment! This stuff I was given has been tested and it is being guaranteed to be at least 98% purity and so I really think that it is of a great quality!
This is the reason why I am not being worried at all about the quality/ purity of the product that I have got from my friend… If the stuff in general should do what I have asked whether it does or not then this stuff will do it because it is of a good quality. But then again, what I actually wanted to find out is whether it will benefit me in the terms of continued healing of my injury as well as gaining some ‘new muscle mass’ in case this stuff is being taken correctly.
And so, from as much as I can see, the answer to what I have asked up there does seem to be ‘yes’, at least based on the information that has been provided up there by you people and some other researches that I have done myself in the meantime. Doing my research I have came along a very compelling video from an endocrinologist/ north American champion, bodybuilding champion… and this man is cycling the IGF 1 LR 3 religiously and swears by the muscle recovery/ permanent new lean mass generation properties. So, in the end, I pretty much found the answer to my questions and I seemingly found the good product. Now I just gotta learn to use it properly for my goals.