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So well, look… the simplest and in my opinion also the safest way it is a shot of slin post workout! And pay attention, just one single shot, you need to start it all slowly, at a low dose (one shot!) in the time that you are at home and you can consume your post workout carbs and proteins. I do not ascribe to a ratio of the carbs to slin. But you just need to start is low and to make sure that you consume your regular post workout meal/ shake that should be full of the usual lots of carbs and protein. And along that you need to take a shot of the GH pre workout and in my opinion you are all good to go. As I said, this is the simplest and in my opinion the safest way and this so simple approach is not going to give you any kind of insane gains, however this is a start and it is going to massively help your recovery and it is going to get you used to the entire process. Again, you won’t see insane gains, but it still helps you. I think that sometime later, after you would already get used to this protocol, then you could go further and experiment with some other protocols that might be considered to be a little bit more risky such as pre workout slin or the longer acting slin with the short added to meals. But anyway, so far you don’t need these and for simplicity I just think that you need to stick with the above in case you want to start with it.
As for the part of the insulin sensitivity then I would only bulk coming out of a cut, and so your insulin sensitivity should be all good. in my opinion you need to bulk for a few months and after that you consider to take some steps towards readdressing slin sensitivity. Hope this is helpful.