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You know… that’s fair enough the part where you said that you are scared of it: [quote] I am never going to try it myself. Think whatever you want but I really scared of touching it! I did heard of it, of course, and I have read horror stories of some people becoming handicapped for their life (or some of them even dying) after having used it. I mean, that’s definitely not worth it and the risks, at least for me, are damn too high so no, I will stay away from it. [/quote]
However, I just wanted to say that in my direct experience with this stuff… it is pretty much hard to f*ck up with it. I don’t want to say that it is impossible or anything in this matter, but I think that you must kind of ‘try’ to f*ck up… you need to use either unbelievable amounts or I don’t know… whichever the case, I do understand where you’re coming from, I perfectly realize what you are trying to say and what’s your point so I don’t want to make you change your mind.