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EgoMuch, thank you very much for answering. I am definitely going to think about your words.
But I also wanted to say something about this *I personally would say that in case you are planning to spend those hundreds of $ on the GH you want to take, and you are planning on using it at a dosage anywhere between moderate to high dose, then why not to use the slin? There won’t be much of a difference in money why wouldn’t you do it? an extra few quid for potentially a lot much more gains because of the synergy is also quite possibly to happen. I don’t think that adding slin to a moderate to high dose of GH isn’t going to be helpful… * and that’s that I am never going to try it myself. Think whatever you want but I really scared of touching it! I did heard of it, of course, and I have read horror stories of some people becoming handicapped for their life (or some of them even dying) after having used it. I mean, that’s definitely not worth it and the risks, at least for me, are damn too high so no, I will stay away from it.