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I also want to say very much thanks for that part from someone who has more experience here * if you ask my opinion I would tell you that GH use can be used with very much success starting at just 1 IU a day up to like 15 IU or so per day but it greatly depends on what your goals are. * but being here and having some questions could you, please, tell me… do you agree with that idea that I have often heard on internet said by other people that the GH can be used anywhere up to like 5 IU without the need to add the Insulin in order to counter the increased blood sugar? I’ve often read that this is not a side effect to be worried about under the dose of 5 iu a day but it can be one when you go above it and that’s why insulin is required (at least welcome). So do you agree with the fact that anything that goes over 5 iu a day is requiring insulin?