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Hi there everyone… I just cannot pass by without answering to this: “Well, I’m not an expert but it does seems like nearly any levels would have at least some benefits meaning 2 IU a day still should do at least something, however then again, I am not an HGH expert at all.. in fact, it is quite the opposite of an HGH expert (HGH newbie more…)
I wish I knew… however that would seem to be quite a question for somebody who is having more experience on this so I hope somebody with more knowledge and experience with chime in answering your questions. Good luck! “
Especially when it was said that it is a question for someone with more experience and I do have a bit of experience here and so, if you ask my opinion I would tell you that GH use can be used with very much success starting at just 1 IU a day up to like 15 IU or so per day but it greatly depends on what your goals are.
With this said, I am having no ideas why would someone think that anything that’s taken under the dosage of 5 iu per day it is not worth it and won’t do anything and to use peptides. People often misunderstand it and take them as medications when a little dosage can’t help then you just throw in some more and everything’s fine. this is not quite your usual medication and a, say, 2 iu a day can perfectly help, but it greatly depend on what your goals are.