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hey there, I am quite sure that you already know about this site (and I think that most of people who are having problems with sweat already know about this site) but I still recommend you all to go on that site and search for medications part. The site is sweathelp org. either you know it or do not I recommend you to go, find the ‘treatments (for hyperhidrosis)’ and go on medications part. Start reading that as it is very interesting. Of course everyone decided for him/her self but that’s really interesting IMO.
Once again, I personally would caution again the natural processes of sweating… I do perfectly know that the ‘medical science’ would be in disagreement with this and they would claim that sweating it is actually not a high level cleansing function of the human body. I recommend you to take a closer look and notice that there are actually no conclusive or even REAL correctly qualified studies which is in regards of use of antiperspirants correlate with diseases such as like BREAST CANCER, Metabolic disorders, blood disorders as well as others more.

However, there actually are some pretty good studies out there that you can also find online about sodium and its new analogs and how they are actually CAUSING some diseases. In addition to that I would say that it must be noted the fact that at this time the sodium based fluid retention does causes physiological conditions that are quite similar to the use of the antiperspirants which is also known as fluid retention which equals to less sweat.
Also, on the other hand we have the fact that if your elders have been suffering from the exact same conditions then you may consider their paths to the other side. As perhaps if they are being dehydration related, this may very well create a benefit health wise. However I one would think that if your family line is living a fairly long and healthy life then… just logically, you might be very well playing with fire. As I said, I wouldn’t try to change the way that your body MUST work in order to feel fine…
Anyway, nothing more than just my opinions and food for thinking…