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Hey there, sorry I just read your post so that’s why it has taken a while for me to respond. I have been off for a short trip. Anyway, I just wanted to comment on that part as of:
[quote] Yoursider hello there, I’m just wondering now if you are still on running that Robinul Forte or if you have stopped? If you are running it then could you please update on how it is working for you? Does it works the same or better or worse? Had you changed anything? Did you eventually had to up the dosage higher or no? I’m really interested because I am also suffering from hyperhidrosis since, very well.. since as much as I can remember because I’ve been like this even as a baby, and so when you said that the amount of sweat is a problem and must be stopped I completely agree with you as I also have this really insane amount of sweat which makes me crazy. [/quote]
Yeah, I am still using it now. and I think that I will use it for months/ years as long as it keeps on working the way it does. If you are planning to use it then you need to make sure that you are doing everything as you should in order to make it effective and not to take it for no avail and spend your money and time. that is why, as I have already mentioned it a bit earlier, you need to make sure that it is taken on an completely empty stomach approximately one and a half hours or so before you are eating. You could use it the same way I said I do earlier in my posts. Since I still on using it, of course it does works and water and other fluids are fine, at least so far. Not protein shakes btw. But I need to warn you again about the dry mouth… this side effect is going to kill you because the medication will make your mouth dry as hell and I suggest to make sure you are prepared because I have noticed that if I am chewing gum I can avoid this side effect, obviously I recommend it to you too. Another thing I should warn you about is that there are a lot of insurance companies that are not going to cover it (or at least I have been refused) and that’s even though this thing is actually used for Irritable Bowel Syndrome as well as for some certain kinds of ulcers (I’ve done a research on it – you might too if you are interested). Anyway, with good rx I am paying like 30 to $ 35 and to me, that’s very well worth it, money I don’t regret to give for the effects I have!