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[quote] A little disclaimer here: I have used GHRH/ GHRP + MK 677 for approximately 2 months on and off and then I have started to inject the Hygetropin at 5 iu per night

then I might as well go with the peptides with the MK. [/quote]
oh wow… you are feeling fine on the mk?? OMG… your body seemingly is very different from mine… I’ve used that crap for a while but it had me falling asleep while walking and I so I have been taking it before going to sleep and, obviously, I’ve slept 😀 LOL

well, perfect example of the low dose GH, Seth Feroce is making a very good and big point in one of his videos that he has turned pro on 3 iu GH. Also there is Dave Palumbo who had a video where he is talking about the most anyone needs being anywhere between 2 and 4 iu as you can see, not 5 iu or more. Those people do have some ideas about GH and they are talking about 3 iu a day plus or minus so if you haven’t given a shot to 2-3 IU a day of GH (in case you are really that intolerant to GH side effects) then it really might be a good idea.
PS. Hopefully you know who those guys are.