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Yoursider hello there, I’m just wondering now if you are still on running that Robinul Forte or if you have stopped? If you are running it then could you please update on how it is working for you? Does it works the same or better or worse? Had you changed anything? Did you eventually had to up the dosage higher or no? I’m really interested because I am also suffering from hyperhidrosis since, very well.. since as much as I can remember because I’ve been like this even as a baby, and so when you said that the amount of sweat is a problem and must be stopped I completely agree with you as I also have this really insane amount of sweat which makes me crazy.
However I must say that since I have started on juice it has truly been far, FAR much worse than it used to be, than I thought it could even be… it is so bad that I can’t actually describe it other way than to say that it literally looks as if I have taken a full body shower! That’s how bad it is! It is really unbelievable and it is truly a big problem as if I am lowering my head down, I can see the water falling from my head like a waterfall or something, as if when you take a shower and you lower your head and the water comes down. Same for me, that’s just ridiculous, imagine yourself in such a situation nearly everywhere you go… it truly affects your (at least mine) life greatly! A very simple example is that my wallet and my phone are always dripping wet as they are in my pants pocket… now just imagine how much sweat my body releases that even my phone and wallet are nearly always wet from sitting my PANTS! Yeah, that’s truly gross, I know what you just thought… that’s indeed gross, however at least it does not stink… but even if it doesn’t stink it is still gross and it is still a big problem… I guess it doesn’t stink because my body releases SO MUCH water that it cannot stink, it simply has no smell at all, it is simply just some water, BUT THAT’S STILL A PROBLEM! My body temperature it is extremely high!
It is all the water that I drink. I don’t piss it out, I sweat it out! this problem is, obviously, correlated with the problem that I am ALWAYS thirsty. I always have water near me otherwise I die of thirst, even in winter. I am drinking like 6 liters of water per day! And there has been a time that it has been up to like 10 liters a day! So I sweat it out. but I can’t go without drinking… as I said, I’m always thirsty!
This sweat it is obviously a very big problem, but the high body temperature is as well and I know this because my gf is also having a very high body temperature as I do and there are sometimes when she is touching me… it is taking an unbelievable amount of willpower for me not to push her away because of this, the agony it is very and very uncomfortable. And I’m saying this because I’m looking at this in retrospective!