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Oh well, that’s a really cool story bro, LOL. that’s pretty much like DNP level sweat there. well, yeah, I understand you guys because somewhere when I hit the age of 14 years old or so I have started to have an extremely big underarm sweat, been sweating really really profusely! That’s just how it all started because it kind of continued to ‘spread’ to other parts of my body making my sweat more and more until by the age of like 17 or so, I have already been sweating profusely full body. I can remember very well how at the age of 18+ been having big issues because of this… the sweat has been ruining more than I could imagine and that’s because my face, back as well as shoulders were ridiculously much sweating! I’ve been trying to fight it off like that but I could not at when I have been around the age of 20 or maybe 21 years, I have started to use OTC Certain – dry and then prescription Drysol as I have heard that those must be really helpful. I have been kind of ‘obsessed’ to get the sweating lower (as I said, it made me have more problems than I expected) and that’s why I have actually used them for such a long period of time that the majority of my understand sweat glands has shrunk so much that it nearly hit the point of not releasing sweat anymore! However… everywhere else that has been truly awful. I have then been using the Mitchum stick antiperspirant on my shoulders and traps. I recommend you to take a look at it if you haven’t so far. This medication is working so far that I honestly think it could really be an amazing stuff for weddings and public appearances or situations like such. Hopefully this would be helpful for some.