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Well, I do understand and I hear ya. However still man / genetic it is the genetic for a reason and the way that you are being programmed to RUN. It is like you are a notebook and you are programmed to run like a notebook, but you try to make it run like a car, or whatever. Saying this as one sweaty bastard to another one and trust me that I do know a LOT of those sweaty bastards out there, so I do feel for ya. I have noticed that my condition has gotten even worse with poor conditioning. And so, this is telling me that it is either such thing as excessive fat/ cooling related, or it might be because of some possibly cardio implications, as I can barely get to the fridge now.
However, what got my attention is… you have been saying that even prior to muscle or fat, you have been sweating full out at this rate and that’s even during your teens age? Well, I did knew a few of those ones as well. And you know…. In retrospect, you are really making me realize that my sweating really has not increased with the lean muscle which I have been trying and I did maxed out at 25 pretty strong and approximately 15 % or so BMI, and so mine is only fat and conditioning related and I know very well. In fact, I am not very sure, but I may also have run just as cool and dry as ever at 25. But even so, I am still not able to say anything for sure due to the fact that back then I have been on 120 degree tennis courts at 19 and you know… that would be strange if I then I would not sweat so I do know that had to be sweating in such situations, LOL.
However, I am still relating to what you are trying to say with the FACE sweating. I personally have never had this thing to occur just until not so long ago though, and to be honest, it does pose a problem I do agree with you. I am now just wondering if perspiring qualifies as a ‘diuretic action’…?
Anyway, a funny story here related on this thread. I have went on a jab interview for a sales gig that really seemed to be pretty much interesting, to me. gotta confess on the fact that I have never had too much of success in working for other people, and I ping corporate america’s radar miles off me. LOL. so well… while this has not been a CA., it has been somewhere more of a medium sized private company with a significant HR factor. Back then I have already been cutting my grain as I swore off job interviews a very long time ago. In fact, I have to say that I have contemplated starting a company to IMPOSTOR interview for fee with the express intent of heckling alone/ and for SPITE I am going to perform a lot of ‘proo – bono’ thing 😀 and so, anyway… well, I have been sitting there having gone from playing ball with a VP to this interviewing with that front line H.R. Biochhe from hell… so well, in the time that I have been retaining my cool smart ass demeanor, I have then realized, while being there for approximately 25 minutes or so, that I had already completely SOAKED my entire freaking shirt and coat!!! Lol… and no, it wasn’t kind of a little bit, I mean that I actually SOAKED them! Then hold things up and I had interrupted that lady exclaiming: hey, why you didn’t tell me that I have been sitting here swimming in myself here?!?! After that she just kind of sat there straight faced having no idea what to say. Well, and then, you know, I stand up and I am taking my coat off and sling it at the wall, just flinging sweat all over that well there 😀 LOL! after finishing I exclaim: oh, that was a lot much better 😀 she then pretended as if she has interviewed me for the next and last 10 minutes in the time that I have been trying to come to my sense smugging up and having no idea what the f*ck I was actually been doing there? LOL. I remember that I walked out into the lobby where everybody has been starring at ‘this guy with the soaking shirt’ as I have been exclaiming how she actually wore me out 😀 needless to say that I have never heard of them after that, ‘strangely’, LOL