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Very well, I have to say that it is genetic in my case and that’s for sure. All of this thing has started during my teenage years when I still has been very skinny. I do understand those ‘big’ guys or those with a lot of fat. But I’ve been excessively sweating while very skinny. I do agree with you that it is a body response, but let’s not forget that there are body abnormalities which means that something might go wrong. This is being called hyperhidrosis and it is an body abnormality and yes, it is a recognized medical condition so if it’s wrong then with the help of medication I can make it right. I haven’t recommended this to people who are feeling alright or who are sweating a bit now. my hyperhidrosis, for example, it is generalized which means that it is in full body, I am excessively sweating absolutely everywhere. However there are people who do not, like for example they don’t excessively sweat and they are all fine except for their palms, or for their feet. I mean, there are people who excessively sweat in just one spot, or multiple spots. For me, again, it is full body. and getting it out is absolutely necessary, I do agree with you, but I would much rather piss it out the water than full body sweat it out (like crazy).