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Well… of course thank you for taking your time writing this and for trying to help other people, but just don’t know man… what I know is that sweating it is a natural response of the human body. if you are excessively sweating that much then your body needs it IMO, by stopping this process you might start another process which might be even worse IMO such as water retention or whatever else. This is why I would say that I personally would be more concerned to find out as WHY I am sweating that much. There are those people that are arguing that the sweat glands are pretty much something like a ‘third kidney’ or something. I remember that in the past I have discussed with a couple of some doctors that were quickly bellow bullshit, however I am still disagreeing with them. I do remember some of the crap that I have sweated out in the past during the time that I have been on some extensive slim down diets which were involving some really hard and much cardio, and there it is just absolutely no way that all we are getting out by sweating is water, I mean – I am sure that it is not only ‘water’ coming out of my skin alone. I would say you’ve got to consider some of the nasty staining that is being associated with sweat! I am also not a doctor or expert or anything in that matter, however I still kind of find it quite difficult to believe in the fact that women are still applying antiperspirant to their underarms considering the proximity to breast tissue and limp nodes under arms. However, then again, our modern ‘medical science’ is claiming that everything is good, right…

And no, I am not talking like this because I don’t have this problem of sweating a lot and it is easy for me to say. I can also sweat up like a full rain just by standing around especially now in summer, and also not only because it is summer alone but more so now that I am being pretty unfit as of late and this just adds up. I have to say that I have already met very and very much of people (guys) that are playing racquetball over the years to see and compare the sweat production with. And you know… I have to say that the general gist it is that it is being genetic and a life long component of said, and you know… this may also increase as we are getting unfit as it happens to me lately so I have to get my body in shape again. But I just know that this is just the body’s way of cooling off and that’s important if thinking about it for a second. Again I am not an expert, but if you ask me then I do believe that this is somehow related to the thyroid gland if anything… but as I have already said it earlier, in the end the question why is the most important one. So for battling with it I guess you should answer why is the call for sweating increased? And then you might deal with the actual problem.

Consider, and that’s ESPECIALLY in case you are stacked with some muscle currently. This is going to generate A LOT much more body heat and this would very easily be a much more natural response in order to cool this down. But then again, that’s my opinion. And to my opinion, it really just seems to me as if you are putting your body through an exogenous substance for absolutely no reason…. At least in my opinion. And besides the thing that there’s no reason… I am afraid this might lead to other health issues, more serious than just ‘gross’. And when we already subject it to enough…