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Oh well… I think that I personally am going to go against the entire grain and I am going to say my opinion which is that I don’t actually agree with most of the people here in regards on the HGH thing. While I do agree that there are a lot of people/ sources claiming that HGH must be taken for a much longer period of time to become effective, I just think that real HGH is going to exert its effects straight away and after 5 weeks, although, of course, not as effective as if using it for a much longer period of time, it is still not a waste and in that amount of time you stand a lot of chances of getting results.
If you do set up your fat loss cycle correctly then the HGH can have an additive effect on fat loss and that’s even for a brief period of only 5 weeks. You said that you do not need to get down a lot of that fat, well, in this period, depending on how good the HGH is, on how much you are trying, on how much you need to get down and your body statistic – this period might be just enough to achieve your goals!