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Thank you, very big thanks to everybody here who tried to help me, I really appreciate your feedback a lot, as I have said, I’ve been looking for someone else’s opinion and seemingly I’ve made the right decision. I do agree with you people, as I said in my first post, I was already thinking that testosterone is a must, that’s why I was agreeing with you before even writing my first post – trenbolone minus testosterone it is a bad idea, pretty much as I have been suspecting it.
However, there is the other part which I can disagree with…. Or at least I am not sure that I can completely agree with those people who have commented that the 5 weeks on the HGH is going to be a waste of both time and money. I do know that people often use HGH for longer periods, however there is another friend of mine (not the one I was talking about) who did have used HGH and he did used it for only 5 weeks and he did looked amazingly great! We all saw the difference, I one could see a big difference which made it absolutely worth it. as I said, I cannot say that I completely agree with you but I do not completely disagree with you… I mean, maybe you folks were just imagining yourself that I am into a huge change or something like that, but no… I am not looking for going bodybuilding or anything in that matter, I mainly only want to lose the little bump of that fat that is still hanging around my abs. that’s not a lot of it, but it still annoys me, so a little bit of HGH, a 5 week course only, might do the job properly. With all of this said, I should add that based on my second friend’s results with the HGH, I do think that I would look waaaay too cut with my current bod! This is why, although I really appreciate the fact that you were trying to help and shared your experience/ opinions, I guess that I am still going to use HGH for 5 weeks. And now, based on the fact that I am only going to use HGH for 5 weeks, what do you think… would I need to use anything else after completion of this (such as post cycle therapy)? I heard of people who did, but I thought that maybe they were using it for a longer time which is why it is required the post cycle therapy…
Whichever the case, I am not 100% sure that 5 weeks and then surely stop. I am just thinking that I am going to use the HGH for a few weeks, and after that I am going to take a final decision of whether I want to continue with more HGH or not (I guess that’s going to be based on my experience/ results etc.) and also maybe more trenbolone and testosterone (in regards to this part – I WILL take testosterone). So… what do you guys think about this? would it be worth it? is it a good plan? Thanks!