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Umm… [quote] Well, of course I have explained everything to my friend, my goals etc. and in order to meet my goals, that friend that I told you about has recommended me 5 weeks of HGH to be stacked with trenbolone… [/quote] this part… that’s unbelievable… 5 whole weeks of hgh only? Huh?? Wtf?
Yeah, I do think that you have taken the right time to start listening to somebody else and that’s very good that you came on this site with HGH because people here are definitely more skilled than your friend. 5 weeks won’t shit, you are going to see absolutely nothing on only 5 weeks of HGH so you are going to think that you just spend your money and time on nothing, whereas they can be very helpful, but they need to be run for a longer time. no need to believe me, your friend, or anyone else here or elsewhere, just do your own research on HGH and see.