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Well… I am sorry to tell you this but by reading what your friend has told you I think that your friend is an idiot. Maybe he just got a little bit wrong there but that’s what’s my impression by reading what he said. And the first thing which got my attention is that running HGH for only 5 weeks, at least in my opinion, it is completely pointless. That’s because 5 weeks of HGH won’t do much, if it’s going to do anything at all, you need to run it for a longer time for getting/ seeing effects as HGH requires a much longer time for that. You can check it online in case you do not believe me and you are going to see how much HGH requires for giving you visible results. The second thing which made me think that way is IMO you need to run at least a low dose of the testosterone if you are planning to run the tren. As you have heard and mentioned it here, that’s a must. And also you do need to pct. I do understand what your friend wanted to say when he mentioned the arimidex, however I should mention that arimidex on cycle is definitely not going to help you to restore your natural production afterwards. I really hope that you are going to do the right thing but as it was mentioned already by someone else up there, you might do whatever your friend told you to do, however I am also pretty sure that in a while you are going to feel like sh*t and you would understand that he was actually wrong. I was talking about this part you mentioned:
Well, of course I have explained everything to my friend, my goals etc. and in order to meet my goals, that friend that I told you about has recommended me 5 weeks of HGH to be stacked with trenbolone… of course I have asked about testosterone, as I said, and I have also asked about the post cycle too, as I asked you, however he has told me that there is no need in testosterone and post cycle, they are just not necessary, and he said that this is due to the fact that I am going to be using arimidex (I mentioned it earlier).
And about this part:
I do trust me friend and his knowledge, however, you know… there are just those moments when you want to get somebody else’s opinion and as I have already sad, I am not experienced and I’m the first time HGH user so although there’s my friend guiding me, I want your opinions as I really want to be absolutely sure that what I am doing is the right thing. Plus, as much as you can guess, if your opinions are the same/ agree with my friend’s opinion then I doubt that there’s anything else to be worried about.
Unfortunately, either for you, your friend or whoever else… our opinions definitely are not the same. So you have to choose who might be wrong and who might be right. But as I said, if you follow your friend’s recommendation, I am quite sure you would come back to our recommendations in a while later…