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Coinbase is the pits and from what I have heard, from different people etc. I know that coinmama it is actually as bad. I can remember as I heard somebody out there asking if there has been a site that does not put you through the wringer and to limit you to some kind of those ridiculous amounts after you have given them over all of your personal information so if answering to this question then yeah, actually there is such a site to be honest. That site is called localbitcoins com and I recommend you all people, if you do search for it, to be very careful when you are spelling if you decide to go and search for this and that’s due to the fact that there are a few scam sites out there that are having some similar sounding names. That’s always like that, when there’s a site that has grown there would always appear similar sounding sites/ companies etc. trying to scam people out so I just want you to be safe, your money. the good thing out there is that the only time when you need to show your ID or send any personal data information then that’s only if you are purchasing with CC, paypal, or some other kind of flaky payment method that could be reversed back. And I have to say that even then it is just up to the trader that you are dealing with. However in case you are doing the face to face cash deals then there surely is going to be absolutely nobody who knows you since you just hand cash and you are given your coins there. if you have dealers somewhere around (and that’s obviously much easier to find them if you are living in a metropolis versus a small town) then that’s extremely easy as you just give them the cash, you are getting your coins and you just walk off without any additional questions or anything in that matter. as in the terms of ‘limits’ I doubt that there’s anything that you should be concerned about because the limits on what you can purchase from the trader it is depending only on the trader, however they obviously don’t have stupid limits as $ 150 or such, they will typically limit you to somewhere under 10K or so and that’s because of the reporting requirements, but that is a sum that, at least to my opinion, is way more than enough. But even if that’s not enough then that’s still not a problem because if you really need a lot, more than that, then you just can come back the next day for more and voila.
And yeah one last thing, there is also paxful which, especially lately, tends to have more scammers, however I am quite sure that it is possible to do a deal there as well. Maybe this is going to help people.