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Hey there OP, I would say that the use of the HGH it is mostly irrelevant here. It is good, just use it and I doubt you are going to have any troubles or problems. You are going to be fine.
However, the actual problem here it is whether you can or not get away without testosterone and only use trenbolone alone. I just can say here that you can surely get away with it for a while, either this is what your friend tried to tell you or I don’t know, but sure thing is that you can get way for like a week, or maybe even 3 weeks, perhaps, I don’t know, nobody knows, but that’s for a period only. I say that you can go maybe a week or maybe 3 weeks because after that (and as I said, not sure how much, and I guess nobody knows) you are going to feel bad. So in the end, the most important thing to say here is that eventually you are still going to need testosterone to add in there to your mixture in order to feel good and also to provide estrogen which it is a very necessary part of your hormonal profile. The amount of the testosterone that you need is another question, however it can be determined in dependency by your goal. I can’t say anything for sure since I haven’t even seen you or have ever discussed with you, however you do sound to me like you are having modest goals out there, and that’s why I think that you’ve gotta stick around 150 to maybe 250 test in there. most likely, I am quite sure, you are going to be alright. I don’t actually understand why your friend told you not to use it when he most likely knows very well that you should. As I said, you might be fine for a while, but then later you surely will not, so you need to add up testosterone.
And I did read the part about your friend saying that you do not need it because of arimidex, in regards to the arimidex I should say that if your friend it is really recommending you can take no aromatizing agents and still use arimidex on top of that for weeks… this part made me think that… well, I am really sorry man but he does not really sound to be sure about wtf is he talking about there… to me that sound to be insane… I do understand and I don’t mind if you are still going to believe your friend instead of some kind of internet guy out there, LOL (to be honest I would do the same, LOL) but after a while you are going to feel like utter crap for no benefit. When you are going to reach that moment you will come back to my words. Whichever the case, I wish you good luck and all the best!