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In fact I do think that you need to use the testosterone despite what your friend has told you. I am quite sure that you are going to need it on trenbolone and as you said about what you have heard that test it is a must when on tren that’s true. in case you do not believe me then you just got to get the bloods drawn in the time you are on the cycle. Tren with HGH is good, but Tren with HGH WITH Testosterone it is the good combo you must have. And for the size you’ve just gotta throw in a little bit of an insulin. Haha.
To be honest here, not sure why, but by not using the testosterone does sounds to me as if that’s an arrogant move, but at least in my opinion. Your friend told you not to use testosterone because you are using aridimex, but ask him, what would happen if you still do use testosterone? Anyway, in the end I think that you need to add testosterone but that’s just up to you.