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I have signed up for a bitcoin account the other day, however I absolutely did not loved and I did not send my personal information. Generally I do not like to send such information to anybody, but especially when we are talking about bitcoins, what’s the point out of these bitcoins then? Anyhow, the requires that information, like for example a driver license and so on and so forth but I refused and then later I have noticed that you are having the option of using a prepaid card, like for example as an Amazon or Wal Mart card and that’s without sending out all of the personal information so that seemed fined to me. later I realized why we have this option because it turned out that the exchange rate has been ridiculous, like for example a $ 20 card has only got me approximately $ 11 worth of bitcoins which as you can see, is nearly half of the money. I have a feeling that it all goes as following: you either share all of your personal information and you get plus or minus normal exchange rate, or you don’t send any information but nearly half of what you buy goes to them…