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You know… this joke that you are talking about is getting even funnier when you are committed to use a CC which unlike a debit card, does not leave your liquid assets (say the bank) on the table. In case you are getting verified then most of the places are requiring that anyway which is requiring a scan front and back of your DL… that’s not such a big of a hurdle if you ask me so I am able to purchase 5,000 right now, I mean not today, but right this minute, if I had a psychotic break or something in this matter, for instance…. But please, don’t get me wrong and do not think for a single second that I am trying to defend those usury fiends out there… I definitely do not and I wouldn’t ever, however I just try to say that if you take coinbase of the rack (which by the way, it in no ways means that they do not drain you as you said like a coke bottle on every single tx, but believe they are requiring a verification which has been much more harder in case you wanted to get access to more than chump change), there is not very much, if anything, left. is taking CC they say until you give them your personal information, they say resident state it is not being eligible. In case you are thinking that you have a covert way of purchasing coins then you may be very well mistaken.
In addition to that, in case you would be so kind, please do share what kind of site does not charge those sky high fees, exchange rates in their favor that is making them be even more richer than they already are on every single tx and it is taking us CC’s in a state south of Georgia.
One last thing that I want to add here is that during that same time coinbase has went down as well! Crypto it is not what a person is looking at in case they want economic or stable or anything in this matter, I grew to recognize and realize as rational economics or business model, all of the Ponzi schemes out there aside.