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I haven’t went to coinmama for approximately 3 weeks ago or so, but from as much as I remember, back then (3 weeks ago) they said: customers are only able to purchase bitcoins up to 150 USD worth of BTC!!! Wtf? I mean that surely sounds as if that’s a joke or something. The reason I say that is that coinmama it is one of the most expensive ways to purchase bitcoins and nevertheless, they are having an exchange limit of only $ 150. That’s such a joke. as if you want to purchase a house but thy accept only up to $ 500 per month. This is all super strange for me and this is why BTC is something that I never actually loved, I just realize that pretty much, this is what future holds for us. However at the moment I think that there’s just too many risks, maybe in the future these risks are going to get eliminated.