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I just can say that I used to think pretty much exactly the same thing but that’s all until I have started to dig more, to dig a little bit more deeper and to start to interact with the whole system etc. I mean, I am talking that I thought the same about this:

“Hey there everyone, I just have to say that I am new to this, however I am not that new to the bitcoin in general. I just have to say that it is a lot much more easier than I thought that it actually is when I have done my first purchase using the bitcoins. I don’t actually understand what it is so hard for you to understand OP. I doubt that you’re too dumb for it, I just can guess that you haven’t really tried to actually understand it, and in fact, there’s not too much to understand. What I do know is that it is a lot much more easier and comfortable so you’ve just gotta forget about WU or MG, bitcoin way of paying is SO much more easier and generally better. “
However, here is what I have gotten when I visited my coin mama exchange which has been mentioned above:
*Purchasing Bitcoins it is at the moment suspended because of the high volume. We are going to be back as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience. For more information, contact our support team.*
I really would be at coin base, however at the time I did not have the experience that they are following absolutely every single transaction that you are making and they are going to boot you without even noticing. Yes, there are also other exchanges out there that are allowing us CCs, however they are limiting the states, the countries, or charge some sky high fees (in fact, to be honest and to be fair, they are all doing this). but if thinking about this for a little bit more then you do realize that this, actually, it is not as easy and simply as you think or as it seems to newcomers when you are purchasing your first coins. As with anything else, you need to have knowledge, experience etc. as said up there, there are fluctuations of this currency (BTC), lots of fees, lots of wallets, miners, vendors (or whoever else accepts BTC as a payment method) and so on and so forth. there are indeed lots of things that you need to learn first for fully understand what you need to do and what’s required to do. I once have watched a 200 bucks purchase fluctuating from as low as 182-183 to like 225 – 226 bucks (approximately) in just one single day, at least according to the xe currency converter.
One sure thing is that you should not believe for any second that it is easy or that it is in any way a stable currency. Indeed approximately half a year ago it was around $ 700 or so and now is like $2450 according to google exchange rate, however what’s the guarantee that in next month it won’t get down to say $ 500? This is the reason why you shouldn’t, to my opinion, try to make ‘money out of it’ or purchase bitcoins thinking or/and hoping that it is going to grow like that. There’s always that chance that it will, it might hit $ 5000 per BTC, you never know, but then again, it might hit $ 500 again. With all of that said, my advice is to purchase only what you need right then at the moment and to some extent, such an amount that you can afford to say goodbye to.