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so well, welcome there to the crypto currency money machine, pretty much just like the regular banks as well as wall street rape us, however only have far much more experience obfuscating it, and in addition to that, no government really wants to lose the total domination over all of the currency, and that that is why, they really do have significant obstacles out there. here are some explanation and several factors at play here: just yesterday I have purchased 156 $ worth bitcoins which is today, now, worth 165 and some cents $ (USD) – I have to say that I am using xedotcom as a base line which zero BTC exchange match). The exchanges: coinbase, at least in my personal experience, it is the easiest out of them all (wallet included, however they are tracking your every single move so an exterior wallet (such as for example electrum…) it is a must there and it is having the fairest exchange rate, with the cexdotio with the closest one to it, the next one, then coinmama is going to drain you like zee coke bottle. These ones are based on funding the joy ride with a US based CC.

those exchanges, miners…. Are in it for the what?? Yepp… it does costs you to purchase (there is a minimum fee and it does not matter what it is the amount that you are purchasing, like for example that one I just mentioned you about coin mama it is like $ 10 bucks anywhere up to 200 bucks or so (CC fee). Then there’s also their fee and also then there’s the miner fee to send it to you assuming that you want it mined like this week. there are a lot of things to learn and I hope this post would make you understand it all at least a bit better. All the best to you 😉