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Hi rachel1962, I also really like juice and I always did, I do agree with you, however, without any doubts for me definitely coffee is the first thing in the morning so the breakfast beverage of choice for me is coffee without doubts! What’s interesting is that lately, I have got some kind of a taste for the starbucks cold coffee, however I have not got that taste in the morning. I used to hate that to be honest.
However on the part of ‘night thirst’ you are definitely not the only one and not a weirdo. For me it does seems like the minute I am laying down I am getting really thirsty for water and so, I have started to put a covered glass bottle of water on my bed side table. ICE cold when I am going to bed, however it is still there and I am typically waking up in the early morning, very early morning and I am drinking it. and I do not do it because I am afraid of falling back asleep as I do know that I am able to fall back asleep nearly instantly, never had a problem to go back to sleep and that’s even if I am waking up (going to the toilet or drinking water or whatever), however my problem is plainly – I am too lazy and too warm out there to get out from the bed and to go the kitchen or toilet (sometimes I wake up wanting to pee and I try to hold and falling back asleep, though in the morning when I already wake up I can’t hold a minute longer, lol).