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I one really like juice, I adore them, juices are amazing to my opinion, and especially the bottled smoothies like for example mango blends and lots others. That’s the first thing in the morning for me for a perfect day. I one I am not a really big fan of coffee first thing in the morning as soon as I am waking up as a lot of other people out there that I personally know. And I really wish that I could pound some water upon waking up, due to the fact that I perfectly know by doing that it would do amazing job for my health and wakefulness, however water just does not hit the spot first thing, either… is there someone else like this or I am the weirdo? Someone has ever experienced this? there were days when I could wake up in the very early morning like 3 AM or so dying of thirst, ignore it and simply going back to sleep (often this happened because of the fear that I had that I would not be able to fall back asleep if I am getting out of the bed, or also, frankly, only some very big laziness) and then later, not be thirsty when I am waking up in the morning with my alarm when I have to do something. I mean, unless I sleep walked and went and drank some water in sleep without knowing (which I highly doubt, lol), how the thirst went away? someone else? Or I’m indeed a weirdo?