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For answering your main question (or I at least understood that this is your main question): any place that you have SQ tissue it is going to be OK. The back of the arms as well as side of the upper legs it is also good, as well as any place that you can pinch the SQ tissue.
In regards to your other questions that you had… have you ever checked your estrogen and progesterone levels? In my opinion, you really need to find this out in case you don’t because this is the information that absolutely any man that is planning to use HRT should find it out.
Next… again, in my opinion, one issue with using hormone replacement therapies (like for example the HGH and testosterone injections) it is that taking an entire day’s dose of a hormone in either one or maybe 2 daily injections it is simply just too much to use at one time, and that is why the body is trying to get used to it. in the normal way, the body is only releasing a pretty small amount of those hormones as it is needing them. It is obvious that when is too low then that’s a problem, however when it is too much that’s a problem too because it does seems like the human body does not like when so much of a hormone is introduced at one time. in fact, to my understand, the human body doesn’t like absolutely anything that’s in excess. I am thinking that this is one of the reason why those men who are taking testosterone HRT tend to see too much hormone binding globulins and in addition to that they are also noticing their testosterone often being converted into estrogen… of course, nowadays there are other things which are preventing the testosterone from covering into estrogen, but those things have their own profile of side effects or unwanted effects etc. with this kept in mind, if you want to be healthy then you want to keep everything in balance because if there’s something that lacks in your body you feel bad, and if there’s something that’s too much in your body then again, you feel bad.
In the end of it, it is obvious that I am not your doctor and that is why I doubt that I can give you anything more than just my opinion and that’s only based on what you wrote up there. so if you want my honest opinion on this then I will tell you that if it were me and I had decided that being on a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) of those 2 hormones was my best option then I would definitely talk with my doctor first and I would talk about dividing my doses into smaller and more frequent dose times.
And now lately, in regards to your question about whether should you be using the HGH in the morning or somewhere other time of the day… well, again, if I would be you and I would need to use a full day’s dose of HGH injection all at once then yeah, I would use it in the morning, however I should warn you that, at least in my opinion, this is not going to be very helpful in preventing my own body from decreasing or from slowly stopping its own production of the human growth hormone. Either you take it in the morning or you take it before going to bed, after a while of taking HGH it will still interfere with your natural production of HGH. you need to remember that the hormone replacement therapies are typically meant to be given to those patients that are no longer able to make not even the near of being enough of their own hormones and that is why, most of these patients who are put on such things, are designed to take them for their entire life, or at least they do need to use them for the rest of their lives… that’s not any kind of a rule or anything, but that’s what is usually happening. Anyhow, from as much as I know, a lot of those doctors who are prescribing those HGH injections are usually prescribing them in 2 separate doses, one of the dose is said to be taken in the morning and the other one is scripted to be taken in PM, therefore, again, if I were you then I would divide my daily doses into at least 2 dose times. Just in case your doctor does not tell you to do the same then suggest him/ her this and ask if this might be a good idea. If he/ she agrees then that’s fine, if does not then ask why and see. Ultimately, I would still, I guess, follow my doctor’s prescription. Again, I am not your doctor but your doctor knows best what to do, especially for you personally since they know your situation etc. I wish you all the best and I have big hopes that you are going to have it sorted all out as soon as possible 😉