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Every single day I am just having a single cup of a strong coffee or also maybe 2 espressos in case I am out. that’s a standard protocol for me. I also have to say that I really love fresh squeezed orange or also grapefruit juice, however in the morning I can’t have that time to start squeezing them and that’s why I just have my strong coffee instead and I’m ready to go. But on the weekends when there’s nowhere to hurry up, I do have the orange or grapefruit juice (on occasions I can even make mix of the 2). Also, for me, in case that juice is cold then it is not good for me, at least I really don’t like it, for me it has to be at the room temperature to be the perfect juice, the juice I really want.
To be honest, I would really love to get back the time and go back to the college time when I was able to wake up on Sundays and do absolutely nothing than to drink beer and watch football all day long. Then later, at approximately 6 PM or so to pass out and to be absolutely ready for the school week on the Monday morning. Unfortunately, those days are gone and besides the fact that there are tasks to do even on Sundays, if I would have tried to do that today, I would surely not be getting up to go anywhere on Monday morning (or maybe even Monday afternoon 😀 ).