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Well, in regards to the part that I have purchased a really really small amount of BTC, yeah, I do know this and I do realize that there might not be many people like me purchasing this small amount, however I only wanted to test out by purchasing from this one place and for that item that I wanted to get I only needed a small amount of bitcoins, but then again, this was most likely like an experiment or something in this matter. and in addition to that, I purchased nearly 100% as much in bitcoins than I needed because initially I thought to buy exactly the amount that I needed. I realized that there must be some fees and that’s why I purchased more, but couldn’t think the fees would be nearly 50%. Anyway, in the end I just have to say that I think the exchange rate has been terrible proposed by the vendor and I haven’t noticed that, as it was suggested up there. lots of those vendors are already ripping off people’s money, now they rip you off with the help of BTCs. They try doing it whatever the way the can…