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Hello there and big thanks for your answer, as said, I appreciate it. but I wanted to say… based on what you said it means that in the sub Q fat around the stomach, is the message that I am getting, it is just important not to stick it in the exact same place every time again. Is that right? Also I thought that since I am already here and I am having some more questions, and since I got lucky enough to find a registered nurse who does knows so much info about HGH in general and even teaches other people, I thought about asking them… if you don’t mind.
So look, my total testosterone has been 484 as I said in my original post, however from as much as I can understand (that’s what I learned through the research I have done) due to my high SHBG, my free testosterone it is extremely low. Since I have started with the somatropin, do you think that I should continue on using with the testosterone injections further? If no then why? But if yes, should I continue at 100 mg per week that I have been doing it before somatropin? Or you think that I need to reduce this dose of testosterone a week and hope that the HGH is going to sort out my hormones in the end which would both bring the numbers within acceptable levels and would make me feel fine again, of course?
One last question here that came into my mind is… could you, please, tell me… what it is the best time of the day to inject it? again, I did a vast research on this but I am just intrigued in finding out your opinion as a registered nurse. From the research that I have done etc. I can guess that it is in the morning due to the fact that if I am injecting it before I am going to bed as some people does, then it is going to start interfering with my natural production of HGH, which I gather happens during sleep, which therefore is going to make my pituitary gland completely stop producing HGH on its own over a while. Again, is this correct?