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wow that’s indeed really sad… and I do understand your frustration. But as it has been said up there by the other person about something like this, me either, I have purchased some coin when they were really dirt cheap, I just keep on making some pretty small buys, the value is going up and I am still having more value in the coin than I originally have paid… lately it does seem to be plus or minus stable, but it is still floating around, pretty much as any other currency out there, I just guess that bitcoins fluctuates more since 1 bitcoin is expensive. Whatever the case, the other user is right on the fact that it can either go down or go up, however from analyzing the current market and the way it went up in the last months, if you wait say 1 hour, most likely you would have more than those 15 cents you need. Half a year ago one bitcoin was like $ 600 – 700, now what’s its price? $ 2300 – 2400? Amazing growth if you ask me in such a time frame.