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Hello there, I think that you definitely should rotate (switch) the injection sites in order to prevent tissue atrophy. In case you would inject on the same site over and over again then you are at a very high risk to have tissue atrophy. Nothing to scare you but there are situations in which a one time injection site is already provoking tissue atrophy, not talking about multiple times. Important thing to know is that I know that usually, the HGH injections are being given subcutaneous and not intramuscular, and that’s especially for the long term use (there’s a difference between the 2).
Since I am working as a registered nurse, I am sometimes working with a top name brand somatropin manufacturer where I am teaching the patients of how to use their HGH injection pens and what you have asked and what I have replied it is exactly what I am teaching those people. This is what that means and I hope that this is the response that you were hoping for. I wish you best of luck and hope you’re going to be alright 😉