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Well, look, right now you just can wait like 10 – 15 minutes and you might already have those 15 cts more that you need for purchasing that item that you want to purchase and that’s because the bitcoin has such a potency of really growing up or getting down in a matter of a few minutes. Therefore, if you lack 15 cts, the next 10 minutes you might lack $ 2, or having $ 2 more, obviously there are sites which show such data, like for example you can go on coindesk for the real time data and you can follow whether does it go up or down.
But here are some very important things here for you to learn, pretty much as for everybody else out there who are newbies to bitcoins – you need to ask your bitcoin vendor for the exchange rate and not google, that’s because, pretty much as you have already seen this yourself, I guess, the difference can be really big. There are vendors, of course, that have exchange rates close to google, others that are far away from it, like the way you have found. In additional to that, you really need to ask your vendor too in case there were some extra fees which is quite possible to be. this is all very important.

I personally have never had any experience like the one that you have had and that’s really sad, hopefully you won’t ever get through anything similar, however, to be honest with you, I have never purchased as low as 0.01389 bitcoins ever in my life, not sure if that has to do anything with the amount that has disappeared but I think so because I can’t imagine you purchasing bitcoins worth $ 1000 and you only get say $ 550… and I never had anyone else complaining that half of the amount they purchased bitcoins for to disappear….