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Ive been put on the insulin and using it for the most of that time that I have been diagnosed with the diabetes and to be honest, I personally had absolutely no issues with it in all this time and the insulin is taking the effect straight away, obviously it does depends on your starting dose that is going to be low, however when they do take the doses a bit higher then I am pretty sure that you are going to find that you are going to be just fine which means that your symptoms are going to be nearly all nearly completely gone which therefore means you are not going to use the toilet as much anymore (because I know how annoying this thing can be), and also your eyes are going to go back to normal state without that buried vision that you are going to get (and I know how annoying it can be as well), but at least this is only for a few weeks and after that you are going to come back to normal, also you are going to find that when you are injecting the insulin in you, you are going to find where you are going to be able to do it and also when you are not going to be able to do so with the odd nerve that is being pinched, however the plus (positive thing) is that you then will be able to finally figure it out as you are going a long time. of course people are different, reacting differently and so on, however I still think that you are going to benefit out of it pretty much as I have benefited and I did benefitted pretty much and I have also found out the best places to inject too (which you will find and learn in time as well) and also when it is the best time of NOT to do so that I do not get any lump there. I have to say that I have been using it from the very first day when I have been diagnosed with it and I am currently having my own way of doing it now by the way I feel that it is going to be helpful personally for me and not by those ways of how the hospital wants me to do it all or any of those nurses as I just see them when I need to see them or in case I am having some types of problems with anything. But now, as I said, I do it on my own as I have my own doses if I do need to take it up or to take it down and to write it down and place it in a phone app for the meter now. you might do it the same but that’s over some time when you are going to learn it all. but you will, just give it sometimes and you surely will learn it all and so it is going to get easier bcuz is obvious that the first time is most stressful and so on but it does gets easier.