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Larry hello, from as much as I can understand, you are new on the forum so I won’t miss the chance of saying welcome to the forum. Will try to help you as I have quite a bit of experience with insulin since I have been on the insulin since mid of 2010 or so. Again, from as much as I can understand (from your posts) you have been put by your doctors on basal (long acting) as well as bolus (which is short acting) insulins. As you, I’m also on this regimen as well….. I am on lantus for basal and I am on apidra for bolus. The only thing that I would need to say (as I think that you really need to know it) is that you need to find out your correct basal dosage by testing it out. there is a very good link online which would help you, most likely would, so I strongly recommend you to look at it. on the salforddiabetscare site there’s an article which is entitled: ‘Testing Basal Rates’ search for it and read it and learn to carb count as well as to understand your insulin carb ratio too (there’s an free course I did, the site is bertieonline org uk. Really have big hopes this is going to help you, it should help you. You need to keep a hypo kit somewhere handy (near) on you at all the times, it is very important, that’s because I have found from experience I have had more hypos on insulin, so you don’t want to be there without a hypo kit handy. It does sounds to me like when you get the help that you need you could even be able to come off from the insulin and that’s, obviously, going to be amazing! try your best to reach it because as I said, it sounds like you stand some chances. As for me, unfortunately, I am not in that position… however some people who are type 2s out there are, that’s in case they are still going to have their own insulin production (but I personally am thinking that you most likely would and I think like this because you have not been diagnosed for a very long time, that talks about it). not sure if this would be helpful but I hope so, come back with updates whenever you would have some. Wishing you all the best and once again, welcome on hghreviewer 🙂