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hello there everyone and a big thanks to each one of you for showing concern and trying to help, I do really appreciate it all and I already found, seemingly, helpful information and advices which I will surely take the advantage of applying what I can. I am now hoping to use this insulin path in order to get me back on track and then to get back on the road to the bariatric bypass surgery.
As anyone else would, I really want to get all these things done and right as soon as it is possible and I would do everything I need, or everything I can to achieve it as quickly….
And also I have to say that I really fell in love with this community thanks to you guys, you really seem to be very nice and caring and that means a lot to me, which is why I am hoping that I would become an active member, maybe over the next weeks and months. And yeah, by the way, I just have had my first 2 injections not a while back. Gotta say that it was painless enough, to my surprise, LOL. thanks again for everything.
PS: just remember as I only wanted to ask you a quick question here. When I should do a blood test after using the Novorapid after tea?