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LarryTomph, hello there. not sure if this is going to be actually helpful to you but I would share my experience and opinion hoping that it would, in anyway. So, I am now on basal insulin, taking it once per day, and that insulin is called Toujeo 300 if you are going to be interested, as well as a bolus which is being called novarapid (guess you heard about it), I use novarapid 3 times per day (or before my 2 or 3 meals in that day).
So, I am on TIER 3 for the bariatric surgery and I am currently awaiting for the decision that my clinic is going to make and announce me in a few days from the hospital. Of course I can’t say anything with certitude, however I am thinking that you are most likely going to get in half or so that hba1c by using the insulin. However you should know that for achieving this, it most likely is going to take you like 3 months or so, in fact, 3 months to me would be the soonest. And also, you’ve gotta know that you are going to have to come to the right forum in order to achieve that.
Need to ask you… did your team told you that they will see you in 3 months time period? IMO you need to call your bariatric nurse and to get it from the horses mouth, not my guess work though… as for me I have to say that I personally have been pretty relieved to go on the insulin as there were no medications that have been actually working for me in doing a good job and I have to say that I was only eating ONLY GI carbs unknowingly spiking my BGs with too fruit and whole meal bread, brown rice as well as whole meal pasta too. Oh yeah, nearly forgot, and porriage as well. All of them are not working in my favour at all and having carb cravings to boot… insulin does work well for me and my needs, in fact I can gladly say that I do lose weight right now for my target weight. One thing I strongly recommend you is to listen to your diabetic nurse and you are soon going to be getting lower (I hope much lower) BGs than the one that you are now having. Also I’ve gotta ask you: how often are you testing your blood with a meter and also, have you been allowed free testing strips so far?
Just in case you are in a hurry to get your BGs down for the OP, you’ve just got to focus on insulin in order to help you to do that. But remember that if you can, do walking, it is going to be very helpful. If you are even able to exercise then please, exercise as well, needless to say that it would be even more helpful, however I do know that many of us bariatric patients are just not able to do so for different reasons… whatever the case, even if you can’t exercise (again, if you can that’s amazing and don’t hesitate doing it), just keep on moving more and less sitting. Definitely going to be helpful.
In the end, I am here, and Im going to try to help with anything that I can, in order to help you with the transition. You can always come back here with a question or write me privately if you feel more comfortable that way. support wise, however you always have to take the recommendation/ advice of your diabetic nurse and especially regarding the doses. It is obvious that you are going to get advice here too so I one try to help and I see other people who wants to help you out, however please, you should remember that you always should pass it by your team firstly! Remember that we can mostly support/ guess/ speculate, however they are your medical team and definitely not us. Hope you enjoy your stay on this forum 🙂