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So well, I really don’t know how actually helpful I can be as my experience of insulin has not been very good but I am still going to try my best. I can say that I have definitely put on a stone for each of the five years that I have been using it and that kills me… I do know very well what are you talking about because I have also taken metformin and sitagliptin (I am sorry but I am not very sure if the spelling for the second one is the right one..)
In the time of my diagnosis, my bg has been 17.8 and I have been told that I need to treat it with an eat well plate diet and with some lifestyle changes. So well, a couple of years later after that (even though I did have had the diet and some lifestyle changes) my BG was still very high, very well, somewhere over 30! Which has been when my DN has started me on a quite low dosage of the Lantus medication which I have increased every 3 days… the aim of doing this has been that I needed to increase this thing until I have got to that point of where my BG has been testing fine. very well… it has taken approximately 2 months or so of steadily increasing (and also, with every day phone calls from my DN) until we both have finally understood and realized that this is not actually going to help and that is why, only then, she has added there in Novarapid, this one I have injected just before my meals. In the beginning I have been injecting a fixed dose of it and I was still not able to get my levels within the normal range, there were sometimes when I have been having some low levels, however mostly they were still high for me. I was, without any doubts, a bit of a mess, that’s for sure. I had no idea what to do and everything seemed to be to no avail, that’s truly depressing.
So well… then later after a friend has went on a carb counting course, I have taken the decision that what she’s doing makes perfect sense and it has been my best option (I really have no idea why I thought like that), I wasn’t sent on a course even though I have asked both my DN and GP… and over the next few years I have, on some occasions, repeated my request, however I have never been offered/ recommended to go on one. So well, and frankly I would not really recommend this, I have done it on my own without their approval or recommendation. I have read a LOT of the online and photocopied my friend’s course literature and I have been really trying to do all my best. And it did has worked to an extent, however I honestly can say that I did not like the entire injecting thing and there was one afternoon when I have done a mistake with my insulin which has forced me to decide to at least try to come off it, which I have, in the end, finally managed to do.

Whichever the case, I can gladly say now that I am not any longer using the insulin… what I do instead it is that I am eating a very low carb diet and I am very (VERY) careful to test my BG at least seven or on some occasions more times per day… it goes like this… just as soon as I am waking up in the morning, approximately 2 hours or so after I have my breakfast, then just before I am having the lunch, then later like 2 or so hours after the lunch (but I track time to be exactly 2 hours), then later just before I have dinner and ultimately 2 hours after I had my dinner, but not the last. The last test that I have it is just before I am going to sleep in order to be sure that I am going sleeping with ‘in normal range’ BG. But as I have said, there are some occasional days when I can test even more, those occasions that I am also testing is if I am feeling somewhat ‘not right’ in any way or something like this, when I feel no as usual. And you know… if you ask me… this struggle of getting down to ‘in normal range’ BG numbers, that was a very long fight which was very hard as well, however in the end of it, to my opinion, it was very well worth it. at least that’s what I think.