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Hello there everyone, I just have registered here.. I am new, however I really need to reply to this due to the fact that I myself have been ripped off a lot of times when I have been purchasing IGF 1 stuff and any other variation so I just wanted to make you people stay away from being scammed and losing money as I did. This is why I have to tell you that the only real IGF 1, actually, it is being called increlex. You’ve gotta know it. I am not very sure if the spelling it is correct of ‘increlex’ but that’s something similar. however, what you were talking about up there on the LR 3 and DES you should know that they do not even exist, they are just made to make you pay money. that’s what made me register here and write this down. Please keep this in mind and do your research first if you do not believe me. you would see that I am right. There is just so such a thing as pharma grade LR3 or DES, you should know it. as I hav said it earlier, these types of stuff are made you to spend money for nothing, these variations are only sold in order to scam you out and please, don’t get trapped. The real IGF it is also being known as increlex and it is made by one company, and that stuff is coming in a 40 mg. bottle and just one bottle is going to cost you approximately $ 4000 (yeah, per bottle), it is being made in the exact same way as it is made the hgh and by saying this I try to say that this means it is really expensive to make this IGF 1 that you are talking about. As you know, the IGF’s you are talking about are by far not having this price and don’t you think why? It is because they want to ask you out, be sure ‘bout that! Just think, how could all of those peptide companies sell the IGF for only $ 40 a mg. and in addition to that, something else that in my opinion you really should think about it is… since there are no such thing as pharma grade LR 3 or DES then please, think, how are those companies even making that stuff? What’s even more interesting, at least to my opinion, is…. If all of those billion dollar worth pharmaceutical companies, lots of them, with lots of money and lots of extremely bright minds, doctors, scientists etc. have not yet been able to make a long acting form of the IGF then please, just tell me after thinking of it for a while, how have those online peptide companies been able to produce it? some companies that nobody ever heard of with no docs, financial support etc… I can guarantee you that those companies are surely no billion dollar companies with an nearly unlimited budget for their research. I do know that you might think that you are seeing gains from using that stuff and I am having absolutely no idea what they are selling you, what they have put on those products, however what do I know for sure is that they are definitely have not put there IGF 1 so you are surely not buying and using any kind of real IGF 1. Or whatever else they want to call it… that is why, please don’t get into their trap and save your money, don’t let anyone steal your money by influencing you that they don’t, at least not until you are making a bit of research.