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[quote] Very well, look, there are a lot of therapies that are diminishing the symptoms and I have not tried to say that there are no, however they must not be equated with an accelerated healing process because those are 2 different things we are talking about and I was talking about specifically the healing process.
As an example, you can search for the information on the NSAIDs with respect to the MS injuries due to the fact while they are usually doing a good job in diminishing the pains, typically, such kind of a therapy is actually not speeding up the healing process but it works the other way around of actually DELAYING the healing process! And that’s especially if you have used for more than a few days that NSAID. I’m sure you know what I am trying to say here. [/quote]

Hi there, I just read this part and I wanted to speak specifically about it. I am saying this humbly and in more of like question form to be honest. But it is not comparing a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug and a peptide such as the growth hormone kind of unreasonable? The NSAIDs are, obviously, made in order to reduce the inflammation, fever, as well as to provide a minor pain relief too. From as much as I can see and understand it, they are in absolutely no way, and please correct me in case I am wrong on saying this, thought or designed to be helpful or do such things as for example the support of protein synthesis as well as the recovery of the human body as a whole. Again, to my understanding, the NSAIDs are more of something like a ‘band aid’ (not sure how good this example is) in order to make you feel better for the moment.

Again, maybe not the best example but the one I thought of is… let’s presume that I am hungry, in one hand I am having a bottle of vodka and in the other one I am having a plate which contains food. Now, if I drink the vodka it is going to make you feel better for the moment, temporarily, however I am later going to wake up from my drunk state, lol, and I m still going to be hungry and in addition to that I would be even more hungry than I was in the past. what I am trying to say with my example is that there is one substance which is helping you in the direct process of dealing with the actual problem, in the time the other substance is simply hiding that problem for a while making you feel better for the moment. One treats the actual problem while the other hides the problem by treating only the symptoms. But then again, not sure if that’s correct, that’s just my opinion and the way I look at these things. Through the experience I am having with the GH tho, I have greatly reduced down the healing/ recovery time very well, but that’s just my experience, own experience I have with them. To my experience, it was not hiding the problem, it was actually dealing with it. but then again, in the end, all of this is only my honesty, my opinion and humbly I am just trying to understand what you are actually trying to say there SCANAST. Thank you very much for everything whatever the case. Really appreciating the fact that you are trying to help us.